SoundFont Bank Manager

SoundFont Bank Manager 3.21

SoundFont Bank Manager gives you easy access over your SoundFont banks
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SoundFont Bank Manager is an application that gives you easy access and precise control over your SoundFont banks. With SoundFont Bank Manager, you can load, audition and organize SoundFont banks and presets quickly and easily.

Loads SoundFont Banks onto your computer. Load, replace or remove SoundFont banks onto your computer’s memory with SoundFont Bank Manager. With 128 banks available, the creative possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Organize, create and copy SoundFont presets can be organized, created and copied by simply using drag-n-drop or cut-n-paste. For example, to copy a preset from one SoundFont bank to another, all you have to do is drag-n-drop it between the two “Libraries? It’s as simple as that!

SoundFont memory management
One of the most compelling features of SoundFont Bank Manager is its ability to adjust the cache memory for SoundFont banks. You can allocate SoundFont cache memory according to your needs. This way, the memory resources of your computer can be utilized more efficiently.

Easy auditions
With the virtual keyboard, you can use a mouse to click and audition all your SoundFont banks and presets. There are a grand total of 128 keys available on the virtual keyboard, so you can be sure that sounds in almost every octave are covered. If you prefer something more “physical? SoundFont banks can also be auditioned with the keyboard or with externally connected MIDI devices.

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